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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Villains. Introduction to one antagonist.

We're not planning on giving away too much.
Then again...
Here's an early sculpt of one of our villains. I began by wrapping wire around an approximately 2 inch square block of wood, then added hot clay and built up the basic form using Y2Clay (this clay's fantastic because it melts into smooth hot chocolate then hardens strong enough to take carving with a razor blade or sculpting tool.) We get the clay from D&S (Douglas and Sturgess) in San Francisco. It's pretty tough to find anywhere else in the Bay Area. Once the basic clay sculpt was finished, I added some dried alien flowers for bone-like feathers and prepped it for molding. At the time, I was working in a model shop in Bay View Hunter's Point with Martin Meunier and Erik Dunn -- they're master fabricators and mold makers with a shop right next to Merrick Cheney's (who I mentioned in an earlier post as the one who machined Mawk's armature.) I then poured the mold out of Platinum-Cure silicon and cast several resin figures. These I cut apart into their basic componenst: head, body, wings, and legs and then re-molded each part individually so that I could cast those pieces seperately. Now I had a complete puppet somewhat like an action figure.
By grinding away bits of resin with a Dremel to make room for armature parts and movement, I managed to make our villain.

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