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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holly, you've been gone far too long. Come home.

There are several earlier posts illustrating Holly's numerous contributions to the film (from painting skies and puppets to knitting miniature sweaters and hats.) Well, very early in February she took a fancy pants faux finishing job in Costa Rica. Presumably the job would be two weeks to a month. It's now nearly the middle or March and she's still there either working or waiting for materials to clear customs. I'm sure she's frustrated and more than ready to come home.
We miss you Holly.
Get your butt back to Emeryville.


holly said...

I just want to come home. Thanks for the shout out. Its been a bizarre experience. The materials I finally received are fantastic to work with. Now if I could get some "plata for my travaho would be beauno." translated money for my work would be good,So I could get out of here. I really enjoy the blog It gives me a peek at home which is comforting especially when my man is not so good with the telphone

holly said...

Thanks for the shout out.Not so fancy pants, an adventure for sure and yes very frustrated and very ready to get back home.Manana manana is the national anthem here. My materials finally arrived a week ago and the last bit of stucco this past Tuesday the model home is yet to be completed so I'm working on the office waiting for plata thats cash in Costa speak.